Tuesday, 5 February 2013

Chilly Sacre.

One of the positives of living where I do is that I live very close Sacré Coeur castle, one of Paris' most popular tourist attraction (and highest) which sits atop the very beautiful district of Montmatre. I went for a little stroll today to take some photographs (such a top tourist) and it was incredibly freezing, so it wasn't a particularly long stay but I would like to come back and go inside another time. 

Step off at Anvers metro station line 2 and there are arrows and directions which are simple enough. It's hard to miss the mammoth set of stairs which welcome you in order to get to the castle, but don't worry if the thought of this mission is too much. There is the funicular which will take you up. As it is a very popular place; this also cues some disadvantages such as people who want to make money out of you. Be careful and have fun enjoying the views. :) 

Aw the microscope (I'm not sure if that's the correct term) looks like a face!

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