Friday, 31 May 2013

Au revoir, Paris.

So, it's been decided. I am horrendous at updating my blog. But it's okay, because you haven't really missed too much. However, I left Paris officially on Sunday afternoon. WOW. IT'S ACTUALLY OVER. NO MORE FRANCE. Back to my British life, which I'm quite relieved about actually. There's no place like home, but I'm going to really miss the cool street art I see plastered on the walls, whereas I don't see much of that back here. I'm going to post a conclusion about my Parisian experience and hopefully I won't leave it for a month. Terrible! So, au revoir to the boulangerie across my road that is open twenty four hours, I'm going to truly miss that poulet et fromage baguette; my post night out snack. This is apparently normal. Trust you, France.

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