Monday, 29 July 2013

I’m lost again, it keeps happening. #ootd

It's that saddening time again to say my farewells after an adventurous few days in London. Whilst away from home, I've bagged a Graphic Design internship at Inconemesis, a British Lifestyle brand which are currently stocking lovely iPhone cases. :)

I've have had a wonderful stay at Sharon's humble abode and now I miss annoying her already. Friday, we ventured out into Brick Lane for a wonder, only to discover some pretty awesome street art/ graffiti going on and couldn't resist the perfect picture opportunities. I'm glad to have had my hair out of my face; the Underground and humidity is not the perfect experience, not in the very slightest. After two bouts of Wasabi Sushi (I'm obsessed), and a rather blurry night out in Penthouse, Leicester Square, we prepared ourselves for the lack of air-con Travel Lodge room we had booked ourselves in for the night and boy, was it hot. Hot. Hot. However, I truly miss the bustling London life already! Take me back, pretty please. 

{ Beige peach dress, H&M
Bag, River Island
Zebra necklace, Primark }

Sunday, 14 July 2013

Go Candy, it's your birthday.

Friday, 12 July 2013

I brought you daffodils in a pretty string. #ootd

It's always satisfying to have a nice dig into your wardrobe and pull out items that you haven't seen in years and for it to still fit. This is the case for my rather floral looking Topshop dress which I managed to find in the sales, once upon a time ago. It's not the usual floral pattern I would go for, but I like to halter neck wrap effect of the dress. I have Tom Odell's Another Love on repeat and I am forever wishing the weather stays as it is but I shall soon have to accept its fate. Oh England! 

Photography credit to Robert Wong Creative Photography.

{ Dress, Topshop
Bag & bracelet, Primark
Tan ankle boots, New Look }

Monday, 1 July 2013

Was sorta hoping that you'd stay. #ootd

The pollen must be sky high this week, I have done nothing but mope my lethargic and allergic ways away. Despite my pretty sullen mood, my family are visiting again this weekend and I parted from my dearest pyjamas and dug out some Summer items because let's face it; this weekend's weather has been at the top of its game.
I over indulged in a Primarni based wardrobe yesterday and opted for a dress number. This striped combination is one of the only long dresses I own at the risk of drowning amongst my height but I really like it. Here's to our British short lived summers.  

{ Nautical dress, Primark
Satchel, Dorothy Perkins
Flats, Primark
Sunnies, Cosmo }