Monday, 29 July 2013

I’m lost again, it keeps happening. #ootd

It's that saddening time again to say my farewells after an adventurous few days in London. Whilst away from home, I've bagged a Graphic Design internship at Inconemesis, a British Lifestyle brand which are currently stocking lovely iPhone cases. :)

I've have had a wonderful stay at Sharon's humble abode and now I miss annoying her already. Friday, we ventured out into Brick Lane for a wonder, only to discover some pretty awesome street art/ graffiti going on and couldn't resist the perfect picture opportunities. I'm glad to have had my hair out of my face; the Underground and humidity is not the perfect experience, not in the very slightest. After two bouts of Wasabi Sushi (I'm obsessed), and a rather blurry night out in Penthouse, Leicester Square, we prepared ourselves for the lack of air-con Travel Lodge room we had booked ourselves in for the night and boy, was it hot. Hot. Hot. However, I truly miss the bustling London life already! Take me back, pretty please. 

{ Beige peach dress, H&M
Bag, River Island
Zebra necklace, Primark }

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  1. Hi QT. Don't you look all girly and pretty in your (corpse bride) dress xx