Monday, 1 July 2013

Was sorta hoping that you'd stay. #ootd

The pollen must be sky high this week, I have done nothing but mope my lethargic and allergic ways away. Despite my pretty sullen mood, my family are visiting again this weekend and I parted from my dearest pyjamas and dug out some Summer items because let's face it; this weekend's weather has been at the top of its game.
I over indulged in a Primarni based wardrobe yesterday and opted for a dress number. This striped combination is one of the only long dresses I own at the risk of drowning amongst my height but I really like it. Here's to our British short lived summers.  

{ Nautical dress, Primark
Satchel, Dorothy Perkins
Flats, Primark
Sunnies, Cosmo }

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