Monday, 12 August 2013

Amster- dayum.

Decrepit old school iPod to make the 11 hr coach journey less painful.  
Amsterdam's over! Merp. I've had an amazing time and now I'm completely drained from energy. 
Early Wednesday morning, having previously crashed at my friend's cousins for the night in London, I lead us into the Mcdonald's headquarters ignoring the ever so valid' 'isn't this a bit posh for Maccy D's?' mystery only to confirm that it was indeed the office with its Mcdonald's University (I wasn't aware that there was such a thing) we left red faced and hungry towards Victoria Coach Station. Somewhere along the lines of our rather spontaneous holiday planning, we assured ourselves that an 11 hour coach to Amsterdam would be bouts of endless fun.

London- Folkestone- Calais- Brussels- Amsterdam.  If that's not long, I don't know what is. 

We wasn't entirely aware either, that we were supposed to check in an hour before and my double sausage egg muffin was my number one priority. Cue the running around the station like a headless chicken and sweating it out but thankfully, with one minute spare to check in- we made it.  So here we were, sat next to strangers and enduring the 'sweet' children, where one toddler in particular had taken a liking to the Gangnam Style. The whole coach went from uttering sweet awws to instant eurghs when he turned into a crying mess for the majority of the journey. Not to mention, he water fountained his drink all over my friend's face.

Other than that, the journey was not entirely unbearable and we arrived safe and sound late Wednesday, ready to tackle the trams. Amazingly throughout our journey, we had hardly any troubles with the trams and everything was pretty easy to find. Not to mention that the Dutch are very friendly and helpful when it comes to particular tram number lines/ directions. Luckily enough, 'Hotel Abba' is placed in the perfection location, next to Leidseplein, known for its nightlife area so we didn't have far to go to look for food and some drinks with extra friendly waiter, Paolo who decided it would be a spiffing idea to follow us around Leidseplein. Let Amsterdam's first proper day commence.

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