Sunday, 18 August 2013

Amsterdam, Finale.

Losers on a tandem.
Last day of Amsterdam! The Dutch really do love their cycling and it was time to get a taste of living the Dutch life. This involved hiring a tandem (a bicycle for two people) due to my awful bike riding skills; I didn't really want to suffer the same fate as Emma from One Day and I pretty much feared for my life at the thought of going solo. And rightfully so, I really am that terrible. 
It was so so so fun! We looked like a right pair, especially with Amrit the idiot, ringing the bell every second to get poor passers-by out of our way whilst I cackled my way around. Despite the bike being way too high for me and giving me constant bum ache, we managed to get the hang of taking off at the same time (such a challenge). Meanwhile, brave Paige had her own bicycle and we cycled around Amsterdam, not really with a direction in mind and constantly losing her. 
Surprisingly, we made it back to the shop in one piece and in time for the Appelsaap Fresh Music Festival where the line up consisted of various hip hop artists. I didn't personally know anyone in the line up but I just love experiencing a festival atmosphere and that's what we got. We hadn't purchased our ticket beforehand, but when we got there, a random girl gave us a free ticket. 

Paige isn't a fan of the hip hop scene and we pretty much laughed our way through the festival at her clear distaste to the genre. So that marks the end of our Amsterdam trip and it's really weird reliving it right now, seeing as I'm sat at home, being unproductive. How things change. I would definitely visit Amsterdam again in the future, and a long weekend is definitely the right amount of time to visit.  I'm still so gutted that I didn't get to go inside the Anne Frank museum. Until next time. Adios, Amsterdam- you've been entertaining.
OOTD/ Long top, George Asda; Belt, New look;  Bag, River Island.
It just got too much for Paige. 
On another note, my film disposable finally developed and they were pretty successful, compared to my last unfortunate batch. In no particular order,
Hard Rock Cafe, yeah yeah. 

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