Wednesday, 14 August 2013

Amsterdam #3

The next day, we set out to visit the Anne Frank House, where her family and four other people went into hiding from Nazi persecution. Unfortunately, the queue was excruciatingly long and we didn't really want to queue up all day. Such a shame, however; we got a brief look outside of the house and I'm now determined to finish reading the book that is sitting on my book shelf collecting dust. I'm not even sure how I haven't gotten round to complete the diary yet, considering how interested I am in the subject.

Not all was lost though, as we came across The Cheese Museum where I tried a range of rather unusual cheeses such as the Wasabi flavoured cheese. Not sure I'm the biggest fan of that unusual collation but it was pretty fun dressing up like a cheese farmer, as you do. Feeling peckish from all the cheese testers, we decided to visit the Hard Rock Cafe and we settled on a light combo to share, whilst admiring the Mick Jagger t-shirt and Pink Floyd merchandise framed amongst the walls. 

If I said I wasn't completely exhausted by then, I would be lying and after a lovely English cuppa (Europeans don't like milk with their tea, say what) sitting outside near Centraal admiring the river like old ladies, a much needed nap was called for. For Paige and I, anyway. Amrit seems to be invincible and doesn't need any sleep whatsoever. 

Feeling refreshed, we headed out for a bit of Wonton soup and to experience the Amsterdam night life once more as well as a quick detour to the Red Light once again just to witness the horrors at night time. We somehow managed to end up in a pretty horrific looking place which screamed out crack den more than nightclub and unbelievably, we asked for a refund and actually got one, which was pretty hilarious. Our Amsterdam trip was coming to an end and I didn't want to leave! 
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