Monday, 7 September 2015

Sai Kung.

Welcome to my humble abode. Hebe Haven, situated in Sai Kung; home to expats, fresher air and plenty of picturesque harbours. For the past year, I've been living in a semi spacious crack den amongst other quaint-like village housing alongside one of my best pals, Sharon plus the occasional uninvited guest in the form of a friendly green gecko now and again, so that's lovely. I don't care if they eat all the mosquitos, please leave the premises and stop lurking on my shower curtain. (I can tick shower with lizard off my bucket list. Brave soul or desperately tired, cannot decipher) No, it's not really a crack den at all but we've penned the name due to its messy nature and hair rugs. I enjoy our nightly karaoke sessions and pretending we're in LKF whipping our nae nae- it's basically a 7-day sleepover club and I'm going to miss Big Shaz very much when we part our ways. 

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In other news, I am a 23 year old sleeping in a bunk bed. I used to have a bunk-bed buddy, Paige- but she left me in January and joined alliance with her colleagues in hippy Lamma Island so I've sadly gone solo but alas, I quite enjoy the Harry Potter-like cupboard under the stairs feeling with my little shelf. I can't believe how interesting I must sound. 

So blue.
A five minute bus journey away and we're at Sai Kung's 'town' centre, where you'll find many seafood restaurants as well as westernised food haunts (English breakfast heaven below is from a little café called Let's Jam), beaches and it's a very popular junk boat trip destination. I get my monthly dose of Fish and Chips in SK, the only way I seem to be able to channel my British ways. Oh, how I miss my cuppa teas. It's just not the same here. Sai Kung genuinely a really nice place in Hong Kong; just a little bit of a pain when it comes to commuting. I. live. so. far. away. from. life. Three more months, though. Not long at all till my HK adventure is over- feeling pretty nostalgic already typing this.

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Friday, 4 September 2015

One year, Hong Kong!

Happy one year in HK to me! Here's to my deserted blog. I took the breather a little bit too literally and I've have been completely consumed by the full time working life and sweating my face off, it seems- eleven months have passed and here I am staring longingly at my empty blog and wondering why I do this. every. single. time. I blame my 5.5 working days. I do.

I really can't believe its well into 2015 (virtually making its way to '16) and I've already witnessed two atmospheric New Years and beyond during my time in busy and humid Hong Kong. I've adapted to the densely populated life style and I feel like I'm a pro at all forms of public transport and navigating myself around the likes of Mong Kok when shopping my face off; which is quite frequently, despite my crazy work commitments. It's really strange knowing that I've already booked my one-way ticket back to England in time for Christmas, but jeeeez. I haven't been home in a year and that is crazy. 

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Early tourist days: Tsim Shui Tsui/ Avenue of Stars.

I'm officially an English teacher and I go by the name of 'Mister Bel'.  I've stopped correcting them. Mister freaking Bel in the house. My yearly contract is coming to an end and it has been a journey. (clichĂ© much) I'd admit that going from doing nothing to working something crazy like 50 hours a week with one full day off has been hard to adapt to but other than that, it's a pretty easy-going job when I don't have to deal with crying two year old children. I much prefer teaching kids who aren't... well, ya know- in their nappies. Prancing around enthusiastically with my 'hippo and friends' to little toddlers who have absolutely no idea what's going on, for this particular class we offer is genuinely not my idea of fun. I never thought I could actually be capable of doing this type job but I'm pleasantly surprised with my patience... ha. Also, my daily commute from work even contains a ferry ride- who would have thought I'd be catching a boat home from work?


I've realised that kids say/ do funny things and I started to record some of the things they came out with. Admittedly, I need to revive that one. (Do I finish anything?) I had this student once who thought it was okay to lick my knee. He also tried to kiss my face and stood on our unstable IKEA chairs to go in for the kill; except the chair gave way and he ended up plummeting on the floor. Sorry, 5 year old Matthew- no can do.

Sup yo.
What else? This city never sleeps. It was surreal to see couples roaming the streets at 5am having their nightly dose of mango sago during Chinese New Year's festivities whilst receiving money packets from friendly cashiers in the local newsagents. Also, there's just so many people. Now I know why apartment buildings are SO sky-high. Despite living in the middle of nowhere in New Territories with no near accessible MTR station, it is so easy to get around the city and I'll definitely miss that when I return to England. I won't miss having to shout for my bus stop and getting told off by the driver for not shouting loudly enough.

Paige sitting on the bus on her own. 
Imagine living on top floor. 

Just to add some pointless information into my blog; I was mistaken for a A-List actress in a cheap sushi bar. This woman happens to be 41 year old Miriam Cheung. Riiiiight. Maybe this job has seriously aged me. Anyway, I'm innocently searching for my next sushi dish when I notice that somebody's giving me some serious side glance. Next thing I know, she's asking me if I'm an actress; followed by the name. Yep. I'm Miriam. Clutching at my tote bag decorated with cats whilst I eat $8 sushi.

My flatmate, Sharon and I seem to have pretty good luck with the HK celebrity world. If seeing Edison Chen partying alongside Skepta in a seedy LKF club counts. We've managed to somehow 'dougie' alongside Myolie and only last week, we discovered that TVB (tv production company) were lurking outside our flat. We took a deliberate detour around the park to get another glimpse of what could possibly be Bosco Wong. IT WAS. Bosco Wong knows I exist. Life is complete.