Sunday, 27 December 2015

Soho, Hong Kong: #ootd

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nostalgia (n). a sentimental longing or wistful affection for a period in the past.

A throwback post has commenced as I'm officially on home soil for Christmas. Merry belated Christmas and hello to you, England! You look the same as when I last left you. The past couple of months since I finished my work contract has been crazy busy (in a good 'be a manic tourist and do everything you can thats possible before you go home' way) and next thing I know, I'm on a 18 hour plane journey to Heathrow, ready to be greeted by my parents who I hadn't seen in 15 whole months. Damn, Hong Kong; why d'ya have to be so far away?

So, pictures are circa pre Hong Kong summer time, a developing humid mess: do not wear jeans in May. Don't do it, unless you want to break out in a sweat the moment you walk out of the door. I had a rare day off to spend exploring aimlessly with Sharon dans la Soho. I can't actually remember fulfilling anything particularly life changing but I remember the goal of the day was to visit as many bookshops as we possibly could because we're so exciting. Soho is next to Central and accessible by the mid levels escalator, the longest outdoor escalator in the world. (look at me, pretending I know everything)

Soho is pretty similar to Central's night life area but slightly more high-end and an expat/ tourist hub for cultural food and bars. I miss this place and its vibes so much. Even with all its never-ending steps and steep hills; I don't know if England night life will ever be the same. There were two restaurants in Soho which I couldn't help returning to on multiple occasions. First was 'The Nile Egyptian Flavours' on Hollywood Road. (note: their baba ghanoush was to die for) Secondly, I loved 'Life', a vegetarian restaurant, situated on the steep Shelley Street. Somebody cook me an 'African Stew' please.

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{ Lynnie Zulu printed crop top, Monki
High Rise Jamie jeans, Topshop
Cut out shoes, Topshop
Sunglasses, Argyle Centre, Mong Kok
Backpack, New Town Plaza, Mong Kok }

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