Thursday, 7 January 2016

APRIL '15 | Chiang Mai, Thailand.

I've got to admit, I knew nothing about Thailand before I went and not much planning was involved on my behalf other than spontaneously booking my flight. I decided to visit one of my hometown friends who was living in the city of Chiang Mai, North of Thailand. Tour guide, check.  I was so excited to escape as teaching for six hours in a row on a daily basis was less than ideal so cue a mini breakdown; Easter break couldn't have come soon enough.

My first mission was to get through customs and fill out an obligatory form which required the address of the place where I was staying. Shame I only knew the address in Thai... I decided to queue up anyway with the address space blank, only to be shouted at by a Thai man and told I had to write an address. M'bad. Waving my phone in the air in despair, I managed to get the help of a poor security guard who probably felt a bit sorry for me. Sawasdee ka, Thailand!
The only successful shot taken from my Diana mini prints. 
Thailand was a massive culture shock to me, as the relaxed and laid back vibes were a far cry from busy Hong Kong, yet I felt like I was local as I clutched on for dear life, embracing that ped life. The friendly Thai love peds. First stop, a temple called Doi Suthep. We had to take our shoes off as a sign of respect as we followed the 'foreigners this way please' sign to buy a ticket and wandered around the traditional temple to admire the views.

Shortly after my time in the temple, I saw a dog with eyebrows. I repeat. Eyebrows. Anyway, the first night led me to an experience at Zoe in Yellow, one of Chiang Mai's popular bars. Not before swigging a few questionable drinks at the Crazy German bar though, and catching a casual Tuk Tuk back to the apartment to catch some zzz's.

G'afternoon to Chiang Mai day two. As I was feeling completely lazy, the activities were non-strenuous but I was content with wandering around the local markets full of interesting trinkets and cheap clothes where we stumbled upon a Thai Massage corner which resulted in some lady touching my foot for half an hour. Sorry, poor gal. Day two was definitely a tourist write off as all I can remember is pizza (how authentic) and watching Silver Lining's Playbook.

Day three marked my last full day in Chiang Mai, and the time I decided to do an all-nighter in order to catch my flight at 7am the next morning which I soon lived to regret by 4am when I was trying so hard not to close my eyes whilst being transported to the airport in an open tuk tuk. The last day consisted of visiting the Bua Thong Waterfalls and it was amazing. After arriving at the site of the waterfall, I felt like I was in the film, Wanderlust, minus the hippy community. I pretty much yelped the entire time, ruining that peaceful tranquility as I climbed that waterfall where the rocks looked like gigantic clouds. I don't particularly have a good track record when it comes to not falling over and twisting my ankle or something, but I managed! Kind of.

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I round up my short but sweet trip in Chiang Mai with a rowdy and atmospheric time watching Muay Thai boxing at the Thapae Stadium which was a pretty cool experience, I'd definitely recommend. It feels weird writing about something that happened pretty much nine months ago but it makes me want to go back to South East Asia pretty badly.

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