Monday, 18 January 2016

OCT '15 | Hanoi, Vietnam: Part 2.

The Temple of Literature was next on the agenda- however, we realised that not only were we crashing a graduation ceremony but I noticed a sign which said 'short skirts and trainers' were not allowed. Cue impromptu cringy OOTD opposite the temple and café hopping.

Maybe it's because I can't read maps for the life of me, but there's always something exciting about not completely following an itinerary, so I was happy to discover The Note Coffeewith its three floors of hipster goodness. The entire interior of the café is covered in post-it notes and cà phê game was strong.
vietnam, travel, coffee, cafe
vietnam, coffee, travel
Looking round faced and awkward on the right. 
We decided to engage in some final tourist activities; buying Wolverine and Harry Potter coffee mats as souvenirs didn't count, so we visited one of Hanoi's cultural gems at The Thang Long Water Puppet Theater. Although the entire show was in Vietnamese and I didn't understand a single word, it was quite entertaining to watch.  It's doubtful I will have a reason to return but Hanoi is definitely a place worth remembering.

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