Tuesday, 6 December 2016

NOV '15 | 京都市 Kyoto, Japan.

Ticking off the last destination on the 2015 Asia to go-list, I chose to go to the land of Kawaii, where I could fulfil my Geisha dreams, eat a copious amount of sushi/ ramen and go crazy on the beauty shopping front. 京都市 Konnichiwa, Japan! 

We arrived at Kansai Airport in Osaka and caught the Haruka Express to Kyoto, also known as the thousand-year capital, with our Hello Kitty travel ICOCA cards in hand. (Hello. Kitty. Help.) Shoutout to my travel guide and itinerary planner, Sharon for working out that complex travel system with its excessive amount of lines. Shinsaibashi, Yotsubashi, Sakaisuji-Hommachi... 

We managed to find our way (after what felt like some detective work involving complicated .pdf instructions) into our little quaint apartment and we were greeted with the traditional futon life and heated toilet seats which sprayed water in places which I didn't think were possible. Wish we could have stayed longer, I swear I had a better sleep on the floor than my usual abode. 

After a hectic morning of finding a place to store our luggage during rush hour (their subway stations have lockers which is an amazing idea- England, take note) we managed to somehow bus it to visit Kinkajui Temple; not before dressing for the occasion though, which proved to be a little difficult when we couldn't find the Kimono rental place for the life of us. We decided to eventually 'Skype call' the Kimono lady out of pure desperation and despite the major language barrier problems which encountered, we quite literally bumped into the friendliest Kimono lady on the main road as she closed her shop just for to hunt down three illiterate girls who couldn't use Google Maps.

We were ushered into the prettiest Japanese machiya, which was everything I imagined a traditional Japanese housing to look like with its raised wooden walkways and picturesque gardens; it was such a dream- can I stay in Japan forever, please? 100 layers later (well not quite but effort, the effort) and off I went in my pink kimono, clomping to Kinkajui in the smallest geta shoes known to man whilst getting mistaken as part of the tourist attraction. 'Picture for Italy! Picture for Italy!' So, I guess I'm on some random Italian lady's Facebook uploads with my purple hair. 

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