Tuesday, 3 January 2017

All is well.

In light of recent Christmas festivities which involved a HP Marathon binge-watch, I thought I'd conjure a Harry Potter appreciation post, cos why not?

For those who have been trying but unsuccessfully to get hold of Harry Potter and The Cursed Child tickets, I know the feeling. After failing to get tickets and being 150K in queue for five hours, the prospect of going was v.slim. I even dedicated my Friday 1pm to eagerly joining the soul-crushing 'Friday Forty' raffle for months. Months. 

However, it'a good thing my bff, Sharon is a lucky one, eh? She only went and won tickets! Well, by winning- it wasn't even free but that's besides the point.  LY, FRIDAY FORTY. LY JK ROWLING.
So, Harry Potter and The Cursed Child was magical.  No spoilers though, cos #keepthesecrets but holy magic in five hours and two parts. After reading the play during the summer, I struggled to see how they would manage this sorcery on stage but they did it. Things moved. Disappeared. Flew. Spells happened. The Harry Potter franchise is still going strong, and rightly so. 

Just to emphasise how much of a nerdy HP fan girl I am, I've got to include my visit to Japanese Hogsmeade, back in Nov '15 where we sipped on overpriced Butterbeer and listened to a bilingual Ollivander choosing a wand for an un-enthusiastic and confused looking boy. I would have definitely been more excited, just sayin'. 

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